David and Recon have finished their training and are enjoying working together as a dynamic duo.  All of the dogs in the program are rescue dogs and that is part of our process.  Each veteran chooses their own dog from a shelter or rescue organization.  We believe that building the bond first is the best way to ensure the most rewarding outcome.  We currently have Mike and Tango in our service dog training program.

Tango has completed his training and is helping his veteran and family.  Everyone in the family enjoys taking care of Tango and watching him help his veteran thrive.  We at Courage on All Fronts are very particular that our dogs are very well trained before they are released to the veterans.  Our trainer Ms. Dawn Tait with Avatar k9 http://www.avatark9.com/ has over 30 years of experience working with service dogs.

Each dog will require funding to go through the program.  Each team is different and will require different training but everything from food, treats, and training will need to be covered.  Our approach with the PTSD dogs is to save a life and give a purpose, both for the dogs and the veterans.  Please help our veterans live a life that gives them and the dogs they choose a second chance.  If you would like to sponsor a dog/handler team please email me at acheplick@gmail.com or to make a donation please go to our donation page.