Deep Sea Fishing for WWII Veteran
Deep Sea Fishing for WWII Veteran

We had the immense pleasure of taking out a very diverse group of amazing veterans.  We had 1 WWII veteran, a Korean War Veteran, 2 Vietnam Veterans, and an OIF Veteran.  The fishing wasn’t great but they all had a great time.  We have also been given a tremendous gift with the Captain Patrick of Daymakers Fishing Charters.  He is a truly amazing and giving person and because the fishing wasn’t great he is going to take this group out again free of charge.  I am humbled and amazed by the generosity of this man.  We have also scheduled for the WWII veteran to go on Honor Flight.  I am personally going to be his Guardian, if I told him that is what they call me he would say he doesn’t need a guardian. He is 93 years old and has such an amazing spirit that I knew we had to take him on this adventure.  I have been wanting to take a veteran but was waiting on the right time and circumstance and it has now come our way.  We couldn’t have done this without the help of a great man in our community Jon Martin, he put us together and we are extremely grateful.

This is the email I received from Ralph, yes email, he is 93 and amazing.  For all those men and women that say life is hard, wake up, pull your big girl/boy panties on, and deal.  This man was shot down in the Pacific Twice.  He deserves a standing ovation in my opinion but all I can do is take him on a fishing trip and take him on Honor Flight.  So incredibly humbled to meet this man.

Hello Alicia,

Just a note to let you now how much I enjoyed your great fishing trip, cannot thank you enough, hope to see you again soon.