Equine Assisted Learning can help you:

  • Identify between healthy and unhealthy relationships
  • Improve your communication skills in relationships
  • Take responsibility
  • Build Confidence
  • Rediscover yourself – how to be you!
  • Enhanced motivation

EAL programs offer a unique experience. Horses are highly sensitive to people’s emotions and can provide a compelling metaphoric experience for the client. Our programs are for people seeking to discover more about themselves and how to better communicate and interact with others. This unique method combined with a natural, peaceful setting provides a nurturing environment to make great strides in personal growth. Groups, couples, or individuals work with our facilitators and horses to improve each person’s self-awareness, relationship patterns, communication and interpersonal skills. You will learn the components of a healthy relationship and how to create safe, healthy boundaries. Safety is our primary concern. No horse experience or knowledge of horses is required. All activities are unmounted.

Courage on All Fronts works in collaboration with Un-bridled and Painted Pegasus Stables to provide veterans with Equine Assisted Learning.